3.1 Education

Casvi School covers all K-12 educational levels.


Sponsored by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization), we implement the Diploma Program (DP).

The IBO methodology includes the Multiple Intelligences and Emotional Intelligence theories. This program aims to train young, well-informed researchers and thinkers to be good, honest, caring, thoughtful, open-minded, and good communicators.


At Casvi, students can study one of two systems: The National Baccalaureate, which prepares them to take the university entrance examinations and allows them to gain admittance to any University in Europe, or the IB Diploma Program, which allows them to access the most prestigious international universities of the world. The International Baccalaureate Program is a two-year, pre-university course of study designed to facilitate mobility of students and promote international understanding.


The purpose of the IB Diploma Program is to promote students’ capacity to learn by themselves and to work using suitable methods of inquiry. This program also helps students acquire essential skills such as oral communication, teamwork, and leadership.


Students at Casvi can become fluent in at least two languages: Spanish and English. In addition, students can learn a third language: German or Chinese.


The many awards for academic excellence that our students have achieved over the years demonstrate that our teaching methods are very effective. In addition to teaching the various subjects, we help our students become independent learners and develop skills such as critical thinking, logical reasoning, analysis, and a love for learning, which are essential in higher education and throughout life.


We have developed an Orientation Program for foreign students that consists of a one-week immersion program upon their arrival and a long-term course that lasts the entire first year. Casvi’s Advisory Team along with the support of the Administration Team ensures that all students are completely integrated into the school and culture, making them feel as if they are at home.

3.2 Mentoring/Tutoring

All our international students are supervised by tutors that help them become accustomed and integrated into the school community and student life in Madrid as quickly as possible. They also inform parents via e-mail or Skype sessions to notify about their children progress when needed.

3.3 School advisory team and learning support programs

Our school advisory team involves a group of professionals who counsel parents, teachers and students, hold college counseling conferences, and give technical advice in differentareas of the school life.

Casvi School also implements a variety of learning support programs to back students’ success.

These programs include:

  • Reinforcement and differentiation in the classroom
  • Directed Study, an after-hours educational assistance program offered to middle and upper school students in need
  • School-to-home communication practice, as communication is considered essential, especially for those students who need more assistance
  • Support programs for children with special needs, focusing mainly on exceptionally gifted students
  • Programs for intelligence development to aid enrichment programs

3.4 Language exchange programs

One of our biggest challenges is to educate children and teenagers to become citizens of the world. Today, boundaries between countries have disappeared, and the exchange of workers between nations, even continents, is common.

Thus, it is certain that learning different languages is necessary, and that our children will profit from an intercultural education. Because of this, Casvi assigns great importance to Exchange Programs, in which students from different countries, such as the US, Germany, Ireland and China, share their cultures and languages with us.

The language exchanges bring practical experience and amazing profits in several ways:

  • The learning of other languages is reinforced
  • Students learn the history and culture of other countries
  • Students get a broader view of the world
  • Students learn how to be more self-sufficient and adaptable
  • Skills such as tolerance and respect for other cultures are developed
  • Self-esteem and maturity is developed.

3.5 International agreements

3.6 Sports, arts and activities

Eurocolegio Casvi gives great importance to athletics, not only as a curricular subject, but also as an additional way to acquire healthy life habits.

Swimming is an activity of the school day and it is also promoted as an extracurricular activity by our competitive swimming club. But basketball is the leading sport at our school, where our senior team plays in the EBA league (Spanish basketball championship).

Artistic disciplines such as music, drama, painting, and creative writing have a special place in our school curriculum. Students are involved in many kinds of activities: our reading club, poetry competitions, short story contests, drawing contests and theater plays in English and Spanish among others.


3.7 Charitable values-Casvi Foundation

Our goal is to educate our students on the importance of respect and sensitivity within their community. That is the reason why in 2006 we started The Casvi Foundation. This project has different aid programs in developing countries, mainly in Piura (Peru), where a school has been built with classrooms and workshops. The building also has a soup kitchen where 140 local children without any economic means are provided with food every day.

Our students have also an active role by participating every year in solidarity and volunteering projects.