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The School

Eurocolegio Casvi is located near Villaviciosa´s Castle (CAStillo de VIllaviciosa) and that is where our name comes from, a prestigious and very secure suburb west of Madrid, the capital of Spain.

The corporate identity for Casvi School reflects our deep commitment with students and education. Our logo, that shows the image of a grown up and a child together, represents the journey children go through during the dierent stages of their education always supported and guided by the adults so the innate powers of the individual are properly cared and given scope to develop.
Our logo is a visual expression of our commitment as educators, and we are devoted to bring overall prosperity to the individual by unfolding their potentialities.



MEET US EDUCATION SERVICES is Casvi School´s official Agency for America.
Applications can be submitted to Meet Us Education Services, to any of its agents or to Casvi School directly.

Meet Us Global Services
Plaza del Capitán Boixareu Rivera 113 – 1º
19002 – Guadalajara

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