1. Diplomas and Transcripts:

  • Start by uploading This will be under the “Education History” Section of the application. They should be quality scans that are full page, in color, and legible. Make sure documents are complete and include any post bachelor’s transcripts.

2. Passport, Family Information, and Driver’s License:

  • Next, upload scans of any passports, passport stamps, and your driver’s license to your profile. Complete the family information section and provide relevant information about any spouses or dependents.

3. Pre Screen Consultation:

  • Once the team has reviewed these sections of your application, you will be invited to schedule a Pre Screen Consultation on Zoom with an EPI Team Member. This interview is to determine your J-1 visa eligibility.

4. Teacher Qualification Interview and Video Resume:

  • When you have passed your Pre Screen Consultation, you will schedule a Teacher Qualification Interview on Zoom with a member of the EPI Team. During your interview you will record a Video Resume that will be added to your profile and shown to principals in the US.

5. References:

  • Once you have passed the Teacher Qualification Interview, you will need to put the email addresses of two supervisors into the References section of your application. EPI will send them a survey to complete.

6. Criminal Record Check:

  • For this section of your application you need an unexpired criminal record check. You must provide a document from your home country and every country you have lived in within the past five years.

7. Home Tie Documentation:

  • You will need to provide documentation that you have a strong tie to your home country and plan to return after your J-1 visa program. This can be in the form of a car title, property title, life insurance policy, credit card statement, etc.

8. Proof of Employment:

  • We require a Proof of Employment letter (dated the current year) from your current teaching position. Additionally, we require a letter from every prior teaching position worked after the date of your bachelor’s degree.

9. Credential Evaluation:

  • Every teacher must provide a course by course credential evaluation that equates foreign university degrees and coursework to a US equivalent. The evaluation must be performed by an agency that is a current member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.

When you have completed all steps of this application process you will enter the “Approved” stage. This means you will be available for interviews with principals in the US. If you are chosen for an interview and then subsequently offered a position, you will move to the “Placed” stage of the application process. Once in the “Placed” stage, you will begin to prepare for a move to the US and a wonderful cultural exchange experience with EPI!

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